Egg Bistro

Our Story

Gone are the days of limited options for egg lovers. In a city that loves its brunch, Egg-Bistro offers a copious number of unique egg dishes, classic breakfast items, and dessert-like brunch favourites to fill up on at breakfast or any day of the week. Egg Bistro's extensive menu is a must for anyone looking for a guilt-free, nutritious eating experience in Noida. Give your taste buds a treat and body a fitness meal with Egg Bistro.

About Us

Run by a dedicated collective of cooks, you'll find homemade and extremely tasty eggitarian dishes. The minimalist and stylish surroundings adds to the elegant ambience, while its international dishes, mean you'll never get bored of the menu. A focus on healthy and nutritious produce ensures that this cafe delivers when it comes to health and fitness eating. The atmosphere is laid-back and friendly, making it a great choice whether you want to enjoy your weekend breakfast or just pop in for one of their healthy milk-shakes. Its location also makes it a good stop-off for a light refreshment.

Rachit Mittal

Rachit Mittal

Founder & CEO of Mittal Foods

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